Caffe Bianco

This blend is a "White Coffee" roast, extremely light roast, 100% Arabica and higher caffeine. The result is a nutty tasting cup very different from the traditional coffees.

​​Caffe Espresso

This delicious blend of coffees from several growing origins extract a velvety espresso or a bold and tasty drip coffee.

French Roast

This bold coffee blend comprises beans from Central and South America. Intensely heated and taken to a French roast, this coffee will awake your senses with smooth and satisfying finish.

​​Morning Passion

This blend is a repeat winner as "Best Morning Coffee" judged by the Pacific Northwest Tasting Competition. A unique medley of Indonesian and Central American beans, this blend will bring a touch of passion to your morning.

B&R Espresso Bar | Coffee

Our current Featured Roaster is Café Appassionato of Ballard, WA. Come experience a manually brewed cup of excellence, and check out our selection of freshly roasted retail coffee offerings.

Caffee Dark Espresso

This delicious blend of coffees from several  growing origins extract a velvety espresso or a bold and rich drip coffee. 


Sumatra is famous for their peculiar flavor profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavors that can often be described as earthy.

Northwest Blend

This blend features a selection of Central American beans taken to medium Vienna Roast. A smooth, medium-bodied coffee, this blend is well balanced with absolutely no bitterness.

Appassionato Blend

A careful blend of five coffees from Central and South America. This distinctive and intriguing full-bodied is designed for the coffee connoisseur. Excellent for either drip or espresso.