Perk UP & Paint is truly an “Entertainment Experience”. What does that mean? Well…..we give you a “party” every time you come to one of our events! Our events are over the top fun! We will show you how to paint a complete painting from start to finish. You will have an artist guide you step by step through the process to recreate your own masterpiece. While you are engrossed in creation, we offer drinks, food and an awesome playlist of music to listen to, surprisingly you will find yourself singing along and sometimes out loud! Our drinks consist of a variety of wine and beer, and for you non-drinkers, you too can enjoy the experience with a latte, italian soda, smoothie or hot cocoa. Eat, Drink and Be Merry, right?!

So you want to sign up? All you have to do is click on our “Perk up & paint” page, look thru our open events, when you decide the painting you want to do, just click on the paypal button. You will be guided thru our checkout process and ta da, you are registered! All you need to do then is just show up, be ready for a great time. We recommend you come at least 20-25 minutes early to choose your seat, grab your drinks and food and mosey around our coffee shop…..we have tons of paintings on display! We open our doors 30 minutes prior to each event. We are continually updating our calendar with new events, so be sure you check back regularly.

Do you have children or grandchildren? We have kid’s events as well, Yes! Most of these events are scheduled on a Sunday from four until 8pm, however we sometimes have them on Saturdays starting at 6pm. The age recommendation for kid’s events are a minimum of 5 years old, and the oldest is well, as old as you want to be! So parents and grandparents, feel free to do a painting alongside your child, you will enjoy the time spent with each other and the creativity experience! We recommend your child be at least 8 years old or older to leave them with us without you staying around. Again, we update our page for new and upcoming paintings so please be sure you check it out regularly.

How about having a private event? What’s this? It’s your very own party with personal friends and family, or whoever you wish to invite. These events can be at the coffee shop, B&R Espresso Bar, or if you have a particular venue you like we have no problem coming to you! Contact Perk UP & Paint to get more information about pricing, discounts and the process in which to choose a painting and choose a date. We host many different types of private events, such as; birthday parties, retirement parties, bachelorette parties, office team building parties, girl and boy scout parties and many others, whatever type of party you want to have, no worries, we love to party!

Perk Up & Paint is known for their support of charitable organizations. We continually hold fundraising events, which are open events for anyone to attend. The cost per person is no more than a regular event, Perk Up & Paint will take a large portion of the income received and give back to those organizations who are sponsored at each event. So in all reality, it is YOU who are supporting those in need when you attend a fundraising event! If you support or are part of a charitable organization and wish to hold a fundraising event with us, simply contact B&R Espresso Bar. Because we are trying to raise as much funds as possible for these organizations we do not accept discount coupons or other special offerings for these events.

Would you like to follow Perk UP & Paint on Facebook? Simply “like” our B&R Espresso Bar page. We post our ongoing events along with our newest paintings that are added to our gallery and we constantly are giving away free gift certificates!!! We LOVE our fans and enjoy your comments and feedback.

Cancellation Policy: We require a 48 hour cancellation either by phone 253-242-7329 or by email to receive a full refund for individual registrations. We must receive your call or email 48 hours prior to your scheduled event. If you have scheduled a private event or fundraising event the cancellation notice is 1 full week (7 days) prior to the event. There is a $100 deposit required, that deposit will be applied to the total amount due the night of the event when final payment is expected, if you do not have the minimum required attendees at your event we will apply your deposit to the amount due and refund the difference if the event was not canceled in the appropriate timeline of our cancellation requirements. If you give appropriate cancellation notice the $100 deposit will be refunded fully. For bad weather cancellations, Perk UP & Paint will cancel if there are road restrictions, all deposits and registrations payments will be fully refunded.